Project schedule

service4health is set up as a stage-gate-process. That means each work package starts with the completion of its predecessor. For this purpose the subsequent milestones have be defined. Each milestone represents the completion of one work package.


Star Gate Prozess

Milestone 1: Identification of hospital process systems and development of a holistic productivity index

During milestone 1, the researchers will identify process systems in hospitals and develop a holistic productivity index that comprises hard as well as soft key performance indicators. Thus the index will include human factors (e.g. patient and employee satisfaction) and diversities.

9 months are scheduled for the first work package.

Milestone 2: Productivity analysis, concept development and prototype implementation

Based on levies at cooperation partners of this project, milestone 2 involves an empirical analysis of productivity as well as concept developments. The previously identified process systems and core processes constitute the groundwork for this activity. The resulting prototype shall then be implemented by means of workshops and coaching. The activities of the second work package enables the development of new service concepts, which can be proved within the project network.

10 months are scheduled for the second work package.

Milestone 3: Validation, transfer and propagation

Milestone 3 refers to the areas of validation, transfer, and propagation. During this phase, the issue of validation is central. The implemented prototype will be evaluated and refined. A company-wide implementation of selected instruments shall be achieved. The researchers shall further supervise the entire process in terms of change management and thus contribute to the development of new transfer strategies. The new insights gained during this procedure will be transferred to the organizations within the project network and eventually to other organizations in the health care industry.

Fourteen months are scheduled for the third milestone.