Research project "diversity in German hospitals"

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In the scientific research project „Service4Health“, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, FKZ: 01FL10046), the University of Bayreuth analysis the implications of an increasing diversity in the workforce of German hospitals.

This questionnaire consists of 4 parts (A to D). We would like to ask you to take around 20 minutes of your time for completing the questionnaire. You can give your answers in the corresponding fields or by crossing the corresponding boxes. For answering the parts B, C, and D you can choose a value on the scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (I total agree) as displayed in the subsequent table.

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Diversity describes the variety of the staff in hospitals. Therefore, a high diversity indicates that a great variety of cultures, age-groups, educational backgrounds, and e.g. an equal number of male and female employees is observable in the workforce. Conversely, a workforce has a low diversity when all members have the same culture, age, educational background, and e.g. the same gender.

Please refer questions containing “this hospital“ or “your hospital“ to the hospital you are currently working in.

Data confidentiality:

All data collected with this questionnaire are treated strictly confidentially. The data will be evaluated anonymously at the university of Bayreuth and used for scientific purposes only. The results of this research project will be published compressed and statistically evaluated. Consequently it will be impossible to relate results to individual corporations, hospitals or persons.